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Our products are all about turning questions into answers.
Giving the world of science and innovation a new structure, big data becomes smart data visualized for your purposes.

ODYSSAI® Literature

ODYSSAI® Literature Semantic Search Engine

ODYSSAI® Literature is a truly semantic search engine for scientific publications.
Stop searching, start finding!
You don't need to know the keywords to iterate yourself forward. Just describe in your own words and don't worry we will understand what you are looking for.
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Social Graph

KLEOS GraphInteractive Network Analysis

KLEOS Graph combines publication data with meta information about the authors and their affiliations.
Exploration of Space!
Identify experts, their knowledge, and their connections. Start with what you know and you will be surprised what hidden relations we discoverred for you.
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If you're trying to do essentially the same thing as your competitors, you're unlikely to succeed. Tell us what you need for the new way and we'll unlock the data treasure for it.
Reduce the Costs of not Knowing!

Strategy and Transformation

Strategy is about making good decisions across departments towards a strategic organization. We help organizations make better decisions by providing data on innovation trends, academic breakthroughs and key scientists. Enabling organizations to pursue technology leadership, implement strategic recruiting for specialized expertise, and launch strategic innovation partnerships to achieve lasting impact.

Organization Deep Dive

Deep Dive for us means a profound exploration of your organization or value creation. Your time is the ultimate finite resource. The deeper you explore, the more data complexity works against you. Our solution helps you cluster and visualize. Discover crossover value in your organization and prioritize investments based on that data. Our solutions prevent you from getting stuck in data overkill and separate signals from noise.

Research Priorities

Work with us to become a large and diverse research center. Realign your research profile and strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration. The problems of our time can only be solved in an interdisciplinary way. We provide you with the tools to determine research priorities, areas of potential and profile initiatives. Clusters of excellence, other collaborative projects of the federal government and the EU, DFG-funded collaborative research centers, research groups and research training groups as well as participation in international research become easier than ever. We provide the basis for your strategic decisions.

Patent Litigation

Preserve and protect your most valuable assets. Intellectual property issues are global in nature. Our data network contains more than scientific publications or patents and is updated daily. If you hold patents or litigate, your technological knowledge is already advanced. Get "blood from a stone"! We can shine a light into the farthest corners and identify previously hidden things and connections. The commercial exploitation of patents has increased. Our solutions help you keep pace.

Competitor Evaluation

"If you know your competitor and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of the competition." Be like Sun Tzu, evaluate information about your competitors' research and innovation. We'll let you get results on competitive advantages and weaknesses in each of your areas of R&D operation. Exploit them now. Don't get lost in Big Data and pioneer with evidence-based business strategy built on smart data. Increase your likelihood of growth and success.

Regional Development

Economic development requires an accurate understanding of the scientific and economic picture within regional boundaries. Our solutions help you capture and evaluate the strength and growth of economic sectors and compare them with other regions. This information enables public authorities to improve business location conditions, diversify the economic structure by industry, secure and expand the supply of jobs, and ultimately increase the financial strength of municipalities.

Proven Practices

We have come a long way from first lines of spaghetti code to high-availability applications based on artificial intelligence. We are happy to share our proven practices in seminars, workshops, and consulting.

This month most popular topics:

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science with Python
  • Text Analysis with Machine Learning
  • Modern Parallel Software Systems
  • Microservices

  • Get to Know Us

    Having spent many years in science and Formula1 we initated this project to solve one problem. There is no easy way for innovators, initiators and investors to find each other. We are here to change this, forever!


    Dr.-Ing. Hardy Köke Co-Founder & CTO

    The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1947-∞


    Dr.-Ing. Lennart Weiß Co-Founder & CEO

    We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
    Albert Einstein, 1879-1955

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